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ArTree Studio is a home-based studio offering interdisciplinary art classes, camps, and workshops to youth and adults, with a focus on visual arts. We explore ideas and develop skills in painting, drawing, mixed media, sculpture, jewelry, building, and crafts. Recycled, environmentally conscious, and innovative materials are a large component of our instruction. Our classes, workshops, and camps are offered on site and online settings. Read more

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Warren, dad

"If you are looking for a camp or class that is more than just a craft-in-a-box for your kid, LuzMarina is the teacher and artist for you. She takes the kids through an artistic process in each project, which might entail design steps using different mediums or helping students individually to unlock their own artistic vision." 

Girl Scout Troop Leader

"Our Girl Scout troop really enjoyed the jewelry-making workshop! It was just the right balance of creativity, learning and challenge. The quality and variety of the materials, including up-cycled items, made for great jewelry pieces. Plus, everything was ready to go for the scouts, which made it an easy activity to arrange!"

Delano, age 12

Luz's camp was very enjoyable, we did cool projects and she's super nice. I definitely  want to do another one of her camps.

Rebekah, mom

LuzMarina has very unique ideas and work well with boys, (so many art camps seem to cater to girls only, or maybe just attract girls.